I think throughout this course I brought a unique perspective to all of the assignments. Everyone has a different way of thinking and doing the assignments. I loved having everyone on Twitter because some of my classmates tweets made me stop and think, like I had never thought about it that way. Photo CC- By… Continue reading Unlearning

Time to Cleanse

So this week for my independent learning project, I decided it was necessary for me to talk about cleanses and detoxes. After this past weekend eating out multiple times in the week, eating super rich food from amazing restaurants like Olive Garden and Outback Steakhouse and Cold Stone, I decided it would be a necessity… Continue reading Time to Cleanse


For my personal learning project, this week, I wanted to research about the myth that if women lift they will end up looking like a man. Women are very stressed out about bulking up and losing their femininity. But there are other myths about weight lifting that I researched, it’s not that I believe these… Continue reading Weightlifting